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Volunteers from Kirkwood based Trees, Forests and Landscapes assist with the 2007 inaugural seasonal color plantings at the Kirkwood YMCA monument sign. (Photo credit: Margy Terpstra, Hummer Haven Unlimited)

Kirkwood YMCA Monument Sign Seasonal Color Display

A Kirkwood Community Enhancement Project Coordinated by Kirkwood in BLOOM

Since 2007, Kirkwood in BLOOM has assisted the Kirkwood YMCA with embellishing the monument sign landscape with seasonal living color.  Kirkwood in BLOOM provides the planting design, the plant material is donated by Bill Ruppert and Buckley Growers Illinois and the plants are installed and maintained by Kirkwood YMCA volunteers Susan Maurer and Silva Madeo.

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2007 Design

Salute to the YMCA - Celebrating Kirkwood's 2007 America in Bloom Entry

2008 Design

The Colors of the YMCA

2009 Design

Salute to the YMCA - Featuring the Colors of the YMCA

2010 Design

A Summer Garden