• New in Lucee 5

    Lucee 5 is the first major release of Lucee after forking from the Railo project. Lucee 5 is not about dazzling new features but about improving the core language and providing a complete architectural overhaul of the engine which brings Lucee and CFML as a language to a whole new level of awesome! Read More

  • First steps

    If you are new to Lucee or the CFML language in general, check our First Steps page in our docs. There you'll find a quick primer of the amazing and easy-to-learn CFML language. If you come from a deisgn-based background, CFML's tag-based language should make it easy to learn and use right away. If you're coming from another development language, the CFML script-based syntax may be more to your liking. Either way, it's a great place to get started on your journey with Lucee and CFML!

  • Documentation

    Already a CFML coding master? Check out the Lucee Code Reference for quick access to all the tags and functions available in Lucee as well as how it differs from Adobe's ColdFusion Server. Read More

  • Secure Administrators

    Important! If you have installed Lucee on a public server you need make sure you secure the Server and Web admins OF EVERY CONTEXT with passwords or other access restrictions. It is also recommended that you set a default password in the Server admin so that all web admins are protected by default.